Our offerings at SJS - open to all SJS families:
Takes place at SJS during the afterschool program

Start Date 1/9/19, no class 2/20/19, End Date 3/20/19
For 10 weeks:  $165/child/offering 
Start Date 1/10/19, no class 2/21/19, End Date 3/21/19
Tentative PERFORMANCE date 3/24/19, 2 PM
For 10 weeks:  $165/child/offering 
Start Date 1/11/19, no class 2/22/19, End Date 3/22/19
Tentative PERFORMANCE date 3/24/18, 2 PM
For 10 weeks:  $165/child/offering 
Grades K3, K4 and K5, 2:30-3:30
Grades 1 and up, 3:30-4:30

If your older child is not in afterschool, but wishes to attend our classes - let me know.  We will work with each situation separately.  There may be a small extra fee, depending on how many older kids stay immediately after school.
Sibling discount applies - if applies to your family - let me know and I'll get you details.

Our offerings outside of SJS - open to all 

Open to students from any school, takes place at the Eliot School.  Pick up/drop off available within the N End.

Start Date 1/7/19, no class 1/21/19 or 2/18/19, end date 3/18/19
For 9 weeks:  $165/child/offering 

For kids in Grades 3 and up , 3:15-4:30 (we gather right at school dismissal time)

If you are interested in joining us this session, follow this link :

Our Winter 2019 performance, Date March 24, 2 pm

Peter Pan

For our end of session performance, we combine our SJS dance and drama students WITH our students who rehearse at the Eliot into one big production.  
General notes on each offering:

Fitness:  Lead teacher Rebecca Griffin is also a mom of three very active boys.  Becca appreciates the challenges that parents face with teaching our children to live a healthy lifestyle while juggling a busy life. Our goal is to instill some basic understandings of what it means to be fit and fun strategies for staying fit.  Each week we explore a variety of activities that we can do to be fit. Students participate in wicked fun activities including playing with balls, parachute, games of tag, dance games, stretching, and much, much more! 
Drama:  Lead teacher Ingrid Oslund has an impressive resume of all things theatre!  She graduated from Suffolk University with her undergrad, and from Emerson with a Master’s degree in drama.  Each week, Ingrid will be mentoring Sara Kerr and Victoria Isorri - both Theater major graduates of Suffolk University - in leading the groups in a variety of theatre games and activities. We will perform at the end of the session.   Creativity, confidence, teamwork, audience etiquette, and fun are all things we focus on. 

Dance:  Lead teacher Ingrid Oslund also has an impressive dance resume and has worked with children in Dance in the North End for the past 8+ years.  Ingrid will be mentoring Sara Kerr and Victoria Isorri - both Theater major graduates of Suffolk University - in leading the groups each week in several different dances – the styles are Hip Hop, Ballroom basics, Ballet and Jazz.  We will be performing at the end of the session with the dance classes. 
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